Window Gallery

Nathan Henry-Silva

Nathan Henry-Silva is a local artist and educator. Shortly after earning his BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, he returned to his long-time home of Sonoma County. Nathan’s artwork often focuses on perception, community, and the structures and values that shape social life. He also has an amazing dog named Tubs and spends a good deal of time feeling grateful.



The Shape of Value is an ongoing series of mixed-media paintings which examine how we, as Americans, navigate and influence the value structures that shape our republic. Employing material, formal, and historical references, the work utilizes geometric compositions to create visually captivating pieces that reflect on the changing shape of contemporary society.







In the Gallery (Right to Left):

In Capitalism We Trust

Paint, gold leaf, and glass on $1.00 bills

Come & Get It

 Paint and glass on advertising

Golden Suffering

Paint and glass on Black & White Photos

Yes, Maybe, No

Paint and glass on Digital print

Then & Now

Paint and glass on Yellow Pages



Window Gallery

The Museum's Window Gallery is a community space with a rotating program of art exhibitions.  The Museum is accepting proposals to exhibit in this space.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for an exhibit of original artwork, please email  No stipend is available for the Window Gallery space.