Sculpture Garden

A Garden for Santa Rosa                   


Sculpture Garden Edwin Hamilton Long Piece

About the Project


The Sculpture Garden was designed by Museum Board Member Frederic Warnecke, a Landscape Architect. It opened in the summer of 2011. Warnecke has degrees in landscape design from Harvard University and University of California, Santa Cruz. He has done numerous projects, both public and private, in Northern California. Warnecke is the son of renown architect John Carl Warnecke.















Works by California Artists                   


Sculpture Garden Bruce Johnson

Current Exhibition


Roger Berry, Seiche, 2008, corten steel

Edwin Hamilton, Pebble Series #1, 2010, stone

Edwin Hamilton, Untitled (in two pieces), 2008, stone

Edwin Hamilton, Twist, 2011, Travertine, Basalt

Bruce Johnson, Sequoia, 2000, wood, copper

Pat Lenz, En Passant-Inspire, 2010, Fiberglass

Pat Lenz, En Passant-Aspire, 2010, Fiberglass

Hugh Livingston, 16 Channel Sound Installation, 2011

John Pashilk, Power Plant, mixed media, 2009

Albert DiCruttalo, Conflux, bronze, steel, stainless steel, 2004

Albert DiCruttalo, Doppelganger, steel, 2010

Mario Uribe, Peace Tree, mixed media, 2013

Moto Ohtake, Orbiter, steel, 2006 (in Museum parking lot)















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Sculpture Garden Peace Tree Completed

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Norma and Evert Person

Fred Warnecke

Craig Roland

JLP Landscaping Services

Kenwood Fencing

Speakers donated by Henry Beaumont, PCD Inc.

Kevin Zucco of ZFA Engineers

Tom Jones of Brelje and Race Engineers

Donald Black, Esq

William Knight

Robert Parker