The Art Museum of Sonoma County presents national and international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.  The Museum's collection features artists who have lived and worked in Northern California. With diverse education programs, the Museum serves as a creative forum and public gathering place.


The History Museum of Sonoma County is a regional history center for the North San Francisco Bay Area.  Its exhibitions and collections document the region's rich land and history.  The Museum serves the community as a gathering place and educational forum for youth and adults.


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Smithsonian Affiliations establishes long-term partnerships with museums, education, and cultural organizations to facilitate the loan of Smithsonian artifacts and traveling exhibitions, as well as to develop innovative educational collaborations locally and nationally. Created in 1996 by an act of the Smithsonian Board of Regents, the program is overseen by the Smithsonian’s Assistant Secretary for Education and Access and is one of the pillars of the Institution’s national outreach efforts.There are more than 200 Smithsonian Affiliates in nearly every state, Puerto Rico and Panama. Affiliates represent the diversity of America’s museum community—size, location and subject—and serve all audiences. More than 8,000 Smithsonian artifacts have been displayed at Affiliate locations for the past 20 years.

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